Millenia Walk

Millenia Walk


BC3 Solutions was engaged by Pontiac land Group to carry out the Installation, Troubleshoot, and Replacement of the smoke detector on 28th February 2019. The areas/location of works covered is noted below as per contractual basis:
– Great Dome
– Small Dome

BC3 Solutions and Pontiac Land Group have partnered up to provide a breakdown in the tender exercise, including the location of works for affected areas and the details of the specific locations to be installed, troubleshoot, and replacement of smoke detector.

BC3 Solutions was provided with the work schedules for work areas to be carried out in conjunction with Workplace Safety and Health. We have completed the site inspection for both buildings and worksites. Pre-work documents were submitted on time, acknowledging the general requirement and workmanship.


BC3 Solutions has completed the work scope as requested by Pontiac Land Group in fulfilling the contract terms virtually and in a safe timed manner without compromising on the standards and adhering to the client requirements and procedures.

Eighteen days were spent to completion for the building areas utilizing our group of qualified and experienced rope access technicians.

After works for Installation, Troubleshoot, and Replacement of smoke detector, various locations are satisfactory after the inspection was done with the area representatives.

Below detail, the photos during Installation, Troubleshoot, and Replacement of smoke detector works. We have met with the Client requirement, and all involved were informed of our progress from start to end of the cleaning contract.