0999 Goblin

Innovative fall arrest device for semi-static rope from 10 to 11 mm in diameter.

Robust hot forged structure made of aluminium alloy, stainless steel mechanism.

Designed to give a smooth action on the rope, both for ascending and descending activities.

Wear-and tear on rope is nearly eliminated; after a fall consequences for the user and damages to the sheat are reduced to the minimum, thanks to very low fall-arrest force (<6 kN).

A proper lanyard (Goblin Lanyard, supplied separately) is available in two lengths, to distance the rope from the user, no need of any energy absorber.

Two functioning modes: fall-arrester and ascender, which can be choosen through a simple botton placed on the back of the device.

Limited clearance distance required below user’s feet.

Goblin is certified for single use up to 120 kg and for rescue use up to 200 kg!

Pylons/Industry; Rope Access; Tree Climbing; Roofs; Self Rescue