2171 Kronos

Suspension harness specifically conceived for rescue and police dogs.

Suitable for all the dogs usually used for these applications:
Races: German Sheperd, Border Collie, Retriever;
Weight: 15 kg min, 50 kg max.
(use by dogs other than those listed should by evaluated with C.A.M.P.)

Kronos is made of a front part and a back part, easy detachable by means of a automatic buckle.

The innovative structure of the harness allows an ideal suspension position, giving the dog a good comfort during rescue or police operations.

Front part is made of two paddings that wrap the dog’s chest, equally distributing its weight on a large surface and avoiding thus any damage caused by the suspension.

The two paddings are connected by four webbings, adjustable in length by means of aluminium buckles.

The attachment ring for suspension is placed on the upper padding of the front part.

Back part, also totally adjustable, is made of webbings that wrap the back legs of the dog.

Back part can be easily detached and removed in order to use just the front part during ground operations (do not suspend the dog with the front part only).

Other details complete the features of this harness:
– high-visibility colours: fluorescent yellow fabrics, red webbings;
– wide pocket placed on the upper padding for the insertion of a GPS locator;
– two small pockets to keep Recco® reflectors, for snow avalanches rescue operations;
– made of washable materials.

Team Rescue


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